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The Battle Against Plastic in the Food Industry

The Battle Against Plastic in the Food Industry

Plastic straws have taken the spotlight as the new, fashionable enemy of environmentalists on a global scale. Major corporations such as Starbucks, cities like Seattle and New York, even entire nations like Britain and Taiwan are taking definitive steps to eliminate plastic straws, and single use plastics entirely.

                Although the future of plastics seems to be limited, we are still reliant on plastics to provide us with a high quality of life. Cutting edge medical equipment, automobiles and industrial equipment, electronics, and food packaging are all categories dominated by plastic goods.

                Eliminating straws is undoubtedly a positive step towards a cleaner environment, but it only scrapes the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills. Furthermore, straws only make up a small fraction of single use plastic pollutants.

                The benefit of the crusade against plastic straws is the hope for inspiration. Straws are the beginning of a “slippery slope”, a segue for the average person to consider other single use plastics in their life, their ecological footprint, and how to reduce it.

                The food service industry is the biggest user of straws, and one of the biggest consumers of single use plastic in the world.  Fortunately, major players are starting to appear in the food container market, offering biodegradable, environmentally conscious, single use packaging.

                The process is simple, by substituting polystyrene and plastic with plant fibers, it is possible to create the same packaging products, while adhering to the same standards of rigidity and durability.

                Wolfpack Packaging is proud to be an ambassador to our planet, offering sustainable, recyclable packaging. Recently, Wolfpack has partnered with Core Sales to offer a complete line of environmentally conscious food service items, made of Bagasse and PLA plant fibers.

                Environmental sustainability begins with all our participation. Your business can be at the forefront of making conscious efforts to reduce the waste, and ecological footprint, produced by single use plastics and Styrofoam.

                Draw in new customers, while also giving peace of mind to your existing clientele, by advertising your commitment to a better neighborhood, and a better planet.

                Plates, multi-compartment containers, soup containers, food tubs, hot cups, drink cups, cutlery, and of course, biodegradable straws, as well as more food service items can be shopped and ordered online at our webstore

A better planet starts – and ends – with all of us!.

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