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Home / Shop / Boxes / RSC - 16¾" x 12⅞" x 7¼" - Printed "Fragile, This Way Up"
RSC - 16¾" x 12⅞" x 7¼" - Printed "Fragile, This Way Up"

RSC - 16¾" x 12⅞" x 7¼" - Printed "Fragile, This Way Up"

32C, RSC, Kraft, Printed with "Fragile, This Way Up" 

16¾" x 12⅞" x 7¼"

A single wall regular slotted carton (RSC) which requires tape to close the flaps on the top and bottom of box. This box was constructed with Wet Strength Adhesive so the boxes are able to be moved in and out of freezers without losing integrity.

A great size for moving and storing fragile objects.

*Please note, boxes printed with handling directions may incur additional charges with carriers when shipping
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