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A message to our customers on INCREASED LEAD TIMES due to world wide paper shortage
Increased lead times due to paper shortage
Custom boxes for custom items

Where do you go when you need to ship a carrot......a human carrot?

One of the most rewarding things about working at Wolfpack Packaging: meeting insanely creative and clever business people. Because we specialize in custom and stock sized boxes (&related supplies) we see hundreds of unique products everyday.

Take for example our long time clients: BAM Mascots from Mississauga, ON. These talented artists/creators/visionaries work to bring 2D character images to life as full-scale, human filled mascots. Using a variety of materials including , foam, fabric, paint and 3-D printed components, the completed mascots must be visually accurate and wearable!

And how does one ship a human sized....carrot for example? At Wolfpack packaging we worked with BAM to create a custom sized carton through our sister company: Any Box Today. With BAM's specific dimensions, we were able to create a large custom carton of one. The custom fit allowed their "carrot" a snug fit and less need for fill.

Our Any Box Today service and on site machine has proven very popular with artisans and creators of all trades. If you have a small run of very custom objects, you can send your specs to We can produce micro -lots of custom sizes on demand. Don't know what size you need? Email us.

Like I said, meeting insanely creative and clever business people is one of the best parts of the job!

For a full list of our products visit our parent webiste:




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